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Project Accessibility

Over the course of a 4-day intensive workshop, two cohorts of Cochrane youth transformed into Make Good designers to help the Town of Cochrane explore how to make the town more inclusive and accessible.

Guided by the principles of human-centered design, the youth set off to make a positive impact on their community with their minds, hearts, and hands.

Cochrane Youth

Ages 13-16

Summer & Fall 2018

Partners: Town of Cochrane & FCSS

Building Empathy

During the Discovery Session, youth experienced first hand the challenges of mobility impairment while navigating the built environment in downtown Cochrane. They interviewed individuals with lived experience and gained a deeper understanding of the challenges facing many of their neighbours.

Ideate & Prototype

The young designers downloaded their learning and had a session full of brainstorming, experimenting, and prototyping innovative ideas to support people facing barriers to inclusion and accessibility.

Their ideas were collected by the Town of Cochrane and FCSS for consideration on future town developments.

Build it.

As a temporary solution, the team designed and built portable ramps for local businesses and affordable housing units in town. 

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