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Skunkworks Distillery

What happens when an engineer and geologist make moonshine? Skunkworks Distillery is what happens!  This dynamic duo are the brains behind one of Calgary's newest micro-distilleries, specializing in small-batch moonshine that is engineered to take you places! 


Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Words like grubbymysterious, fun, innovative, optimistic, and industrious were used to describe the values for this brand. The story behind the original Lockheed "Skunk Works" project of the 1950's was a source of inspiration; namely the secretive nature of its innovative projects that pioneered the "Space Race" era.


The goal for this brand identity was to capture all of these elements in a way that was modern and relevant, yet have subtle nostalgic callbacks. The Skunkworks brand universe contains a variety of elements and iconography that reflects the industriousness and versatility of the product. 

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