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Joshua Clarke

Designer, B.Eng

My love for design, art and architecture started in my early teens. That’s when I first had visions of what my life could be like and what I could do with this creativity I felt surging within me.

I went on to explore the science of the built environment through my degree in Civil Engineering and developed a desire to understand how things work. After time in industry, I took a hard right in search for meaning and purpose, and began working with marginalized people experiencing homelessness and addiction.


This turned into a ten year career of learning the art of empathy. Graduate studies in Counselling Psychology took me deeper into the inner workings of the mind and an encounter with the depth of the human experience. I witnessed that our world has big problems to solve and big opportunities. At every turn I could see that we need to design better systems, better spaces, and better stories. 

Little did I know that within that experience was an invitation to create a better story for myself. Life brought me to a threshold where the only way forward was to return to my first love: art and design. I was finally ready to say yes to what makes me come alive

And so I took the leap and started Clarke Studio. This is me and all my creativity, curiosity, passion, and expression of what I find beauty and intrigue in. I am endlessly drawn to the invitation to make something new. 


I love working with like minded people. Those that are out to tell new and compelling stories about what it means to be human and live a life that is full and vibrant. I’m drawn to people who are on the threshold of starting something new and need help to tell their story. I want to create spaces that offer experiences of awe and wonder, and a sense of optimism about the future.

Studio Manager, B.Arker


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