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At the heart of SunnyCider is community. That powerful sense of belonging and connection when neighbours share and enjoy life together. A community built on generosity and inclusion. Where everyone has a seat at the table and is invited to feast on the fruits of eachother's labour.

This compelling vision guides SunnyCider's endeavour to deliver a high-end, intentionally crafted hard cider that not only infuses their passion for local community, but for the local environment as well. Utilizing urban fruit, much of which is rescued from wasting in landfills, SunnyCider seeks to bring a whole new meaning to the word "local."

Their handcrafted cider contains no preservatives or artificial flavours, only uses natural ingredients, and is low in calories. They are raising the bar when it comes to locally crafted beverages. 

The design of SunnyCider's brand identity was guided by the elevated nature of their product and desire to communicate a sense of tradition and sophistication.


Brand Identity



Art Direction


Brand Identity

The neighbourhood of Sunnyside (Calgary, AB) is home to the founding partners of the cidery and where their cider-making venture began. Playing on the community's name, SunnyCider evokes a sense of place and luminosity which is reflected in their cider.

There was a desire to have the brand embody a feeling of tradition and nostalgia, like that of the history of their neighbourhood. It was to also depict the elevated quality of their cider, showcasing the care and attention to detail invested into every batch. This isn't your typical cider; certainly not to be compared to the "big cider" that is full of sugar and branded like juice. No, SunnyCider is sophisticated, yet highly approachable. The choice of typography and logo design aimed to reflect this. 


The packaging system utilizes a simple framework to provide consistency to the brand and a varying colour palette to establish a bold distinction between the evolving product lineup.

SunnyCider Can Lineup-01.png

The label framework places important 

product information like batch number and ABV within generous white space to enhance readability and maintain a clutter-free layout.

SunnyCider Sour Cherry.png
Ginger Can with Ginger.png

Ingredient illustrations are used to showcase the flavour inside, while the bold and vibrant colours help the cans stand out on the shelves.

Special Edition

The experimental nature of SunnyCider's process creates room to play with new ways of expressing their brand. The following limited releases offered an opportunity to experiment with different styles of label artwork and layouts to open up possibilities for future editions. In keeping with the themes of sophistication and craftsmanship, these labels maintain the commitment to displaying the quality of cider and the natural ingredients within.

Courage Cans-03.png


During the early days of the COVID pandemic, SunnyCider offered the opportunity to provide artistic direction of a campaign to raise funds for the Alex Community Health Centre in Calgary, AB. This involved the naming of the cider, label and apparel design, and creation of related social media content.

The name "Courage" depicts the strength of will held among front-line works and offers a message of hope and resilience during challenging times.

Courage 2.png
Courage Bandana.png
Courage 1.png
Courage Tees.png