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Yarmouth Concept Web Layout - FINAL-08.j

Yarmouth Wesleyan

The inspiration for this brand identity was drawn from the landscape and culture of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and the surrounding communities . Atlantic Canada is notable for its vibrant colours, marine-inspired architecture, and diverse landscape. Ocean. Fishing boats. Nautical flags. Maritime neighbourhoods.


The new brand identity for Yarmouth Wesleyan Church celebrates the rich culture and history of the East Coast. It seeks to draw from that sense of place and belonging that the community enjoys in a way that honors tradition in a modern way.


Brand Identity

Brand Identity

The brand system designed for YWC is a flexible and adaptable identity that can elevate all touch-points of the church’s brand. There is a Primary Logo, two Alternative Logos, and a collection of Brand Collateral that can be used to elevate media and content creation.


The creation a multiple logos is to allow the brand to be dynamic rather than static and fixed. Depending on the application, the brand will be required to adaptable and perform in a manner that looks and feels professional, intentional, consistent, and authentic. All of this plays into the emotional connection and trust the church’s brand needs to convey.


Each set of logos expands into an iteration of orientations and layouts to adapt to the constraints of social media, websites, promotional items and marketing materials. 

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